Drew Wittig Art


I ran my first Marathon in 2016 and fell in love with distance running. I ran my first ultramarathon in 2017 and have been hooked since.

Headlands 50K - August 25th

Chip time: 4:52 - 8th place, 3rd in my age group

  • Heart Rate Average - 157bpm, max 171bpm

Probably the best training block I’ve had to date for this race. I had a couple of 20+ milers out on the trail with 5/6K vert leading into this race. Having bonked the year before in a 6hr finish I was super motivated for redemption. I was also very cautious. I ran the trails especially the hard sections in training runs and really had the course dialed in come race day. Starting off, again I was surprised at how fast everyone was going off the line. I took my time until we made our way into the biggest climb of the day: Cardiac. I passed a few runners and got motivated, on the Matt Davis descent I flew down passing a few more. I passed 4 people heading up Steep Ravine. I remember seeing my watch and thinking I was making great time, but wanted to stay present so didn’t look again.

Came down Heather cut-off in good shape and knew there was a few more climbs left. Climbing out of Stinson beach felt whooped and saw 1st female looking like the terminator on my tail. I really rallied and put all I had into a strong finish holding her off. Stoked!

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Drew Wittig